About Us

Mark Ludt has been in the building business for over 30 years. He  worked construction during summers and holidays even while going to  school, and after graduating started a homebuilding company with his  father and uncle in the Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania area. Mark Ludt  Building, Inc. began after seeing the poor quality and hefty prices of  new homes in the area. Mark knew he could build a much higher quality  home at a more reasonable price. He shortly set out to build Quality  Affordable Homes in the region. With all of this experience we are  prepared to offer you the new home construction, renovation, or  remodeling experience you deserve. Only our proven remodel team and  plumbing/electrical sub contractors who have worked with us for years  work in your home.

When you work as diligently as  we do to make each home a masterpiece, it's a joy to receive unsolicited  compliments and recommendations from our new homeowners. We thought you  might like to know what they've said about us.

      “Fantastic work. Finished on time and budget.”

      “Mark’s attention to detail and personal service made this a great experience.”

      “We are so proud of our new home!”

We would be proud to serve you too!